Summary of Services

The following list of services is not exhaustive, but provides examples of how Ecological Solutions may assist your organization.

  • White-tailed Deer Management
    Ecological Solutions has developed a simple but scientifically rigorous protocol to monitor deer browse intensity to guide deer management programs and also performs deer population estimates through the Distance Sampling methodology. The forest health protocols have been implemented at over 30 locations by a variety of organizations. Ecological Solutions also has direct experience designing and implementing Deer Management Programs that have the goal of improving ecosystem health. Click Here for further details on these services.
  • Invasive Species Management
    Ecological Solutions can provide significant expertise toward the management of invasive species. For many organizations, invasive species can seem like an overwhelming problem. Ecological Solutions can provide cost-effective advice including evaluation, mapping, sequencing of control activities, control technique recommendations, and evaluation of control programs through the creation of comprehensive management plans.
  • Preserve Stewardship Management Plans
    Ecological Solutions can provide comprehensive preserve stewardship management plans that include identification and management for conservation targets, practical science-based evaluation and monitoring, and management recommendations to mitigate threats including overabundant white-tailed deer, invasive species, fire suppression, and others.
  • Rare Species Management
    Ecological Solutions has years of experience involving practical science-based evaluation and monitoring, developing management recommendations, and implementing management plans for many species including bog turtles, Northern metalmark butterfly, American chaffseed, Torrey's mountain-mint, small whorled pogonia and a variety of other rare species.
  • Scientific evaluation of environmental policy
    Ecological Solutions can assist government and private organizations by providing scientific support for policy decisions.
  • Easement evaluation and monitoring
    Ecological Solutions can provide GIS support to help land trusts and government entities identify parcels containing easements. In addition, Ecological Solutions has developed systematic tools to organize easement information and perform annual compliance monitoring privately- and publicly-held easements.
  • Grant Proposal Preparation
    Ecological Solutions can prepare grant proposals to support existing staff and/or allow organizations to hire Ecological Solutions.